Etter gårsdagens bytur på byen. Tenkte jeg at det var på tide med litt forandring av klesplagg. Så dermed dro jeg litt trøtt og fyllesyk, på sentret i dag. Angrer ikke et sekund på det jeg kjøpte. Men kunne også ha spart de pengene. Men klærne bare snakket til meg. 


Skjørtet/Cubus, toppen/Cubus


Kjole/ Cubus 

Resten av dagen skal jeg bare slappe av. Hva skal dere?

some kind of love part 10 (episode)

at the hospital 
(bella thinking- what's going on? abby and chris had sex! please tell me that was just a nightmare....) 
doctor jin- bella, you're awake. i'm doctor camila jin. 
bella- doctor jin? 
doctor jin- how are you feeling? 
bella- what exactly happened to me? 
doctor jin- you fainted, and you're also dehydrated. you really need to keep your self in tip top shape. especially in your condition. 
bella- what condition? 
doctor jin- you don't know? 
bella- know what? 
doctor jin- i have good news for you. you're pregnant bella. 
bella- what?, are you sure? 
doctor jin- i'm positive. you're a little over two weeks pregnant, i would say. 
bella- omg, and i thought i missed my period due to stress... 
doctor jin- you are stressed bella, and you need to relax. 
bella- did you tell anyone? 
doctor jin- of course not. that is up to you and only you. i'm just here to help.
at bella's house. 
bella- thank you for dropping me off... 
phila- we're just glad you're okay bella. 
dad- what did the doctor tell you bella? 
mom- are you okay? 
abby- tell me you're okay? 
bella- i'm okay....
phila- you still need to rest. 
bella- yeah, don't worry. i want to be alone. do you mind? 
mom- of course not. if you need anything just let me know. 
phila- i'm going to stay for a bit. i will take care of her. 
mom- sounds good. call me if you need anything at all. doesn't matter the hour!
dad- we love you bella. i will call you later too. 
abby- get some rest.
phila- bella.... what really happened? 
bella- tell me what happened last night. 
phila- what do you mean? 
bella- how'd i get to the hospital? 
phila- i'm not really sure. abby called us and told us you were in the hospital. we ran there as soon as we heard. 
bella- was abby alone when you got there? 
phila- yes, and she was buzzed. what happened bella? 
bella- abby had sex with chris phila. 
phila- what ? 
bella- that's not even the worst part. 
phila- what is? 
bella- i'm pregnant with chris's baby.
phila- omg.


dad- we're not done talking abby. 
abby- omg, dad stop. you didn't baby phila and bella like this. 
dad- i sure as hell did. 
abby- no, you didn't. so i suck out to a party, who the hell cares? 

dad- i do! , do you have any idea what you put us through? 
abby- cry it out daddy. you will feel a lot better. 
dad- what is going on with you ? 
abby- what is going on is that i'm tired of being the good daughter. i wanna be like my sisters after all. ho-ness runs in the family dad. you should be glad! you raised us well. (dad slaps abby)
mom- john!!!!
dad- abby , i am so sorry. 
abby- BURN IN HELL!.
mom- how could you put your hands on her like that? 
dad- she is not allowed to just talk to us like that. 
mom- you are not allowed to put your hands on her. that is not the kind of parents we are. 
dad- and what kind of parents is that karen? . the ones who let their kids walk all over them. 
mom- she is going through a phase john. 
dad- that doesn't mean she can talk to us like that. 
mom- don't ever out your hands on her again john. i don't care what she does. 

abby- screw him. they can all go to hell. 

(abby thinking- he won't tear me down. i'm finally getting somewhere...chris... i  should call him... i hope he answers.) 
chris - hallo abby? how are you? 
how is your sister? 
abby- hey chris! bella is fine. 
chris- that's good to hear. i gotta go but we can talk later. 
abby- so you're not gonna tell me how you know my sister? 
chris- i will leave that up to her. i really goota go abby. 
abby- okay, okay. i will text you. 
at Chris's house. 
hilary- conquest of yours? 
chris- hmmmm, i wonder. what do you want hilary? 
hilary- jeez, i'd think you'd be a little nicer to me. i don't know why i'm here. 
chris- you miss me it seems. 
hilary- maybe.
chris- you don't have to miss me. 
hilary- what? changing up on me? aren't you in love with bella? 
chris- trust me, i don't love her. love isn't my thing.
hilary- i'm with you there. sex is so much more fun. 
chris- hilary do you want to have sex with me? 
hilary- that is very straight forward. 
chris- i like being clear on things. 
hilary- maybe i do. 
chris- then let's do it. 
hilary- what is this sudden change of heart? 
chris- i like playing games.  but like like you, so why not? 
hilary- although i would love to bang you, i can't. 
chris- and why is that? 
hilary- i made a deal with my BFF, i told you. bella and i made a promise. i'm not letting some sexy boy toy get in the way of us. 
chris- so why are you here? 
hilary- good question. i like games too, i guess. but i'm not betraying my friend. 
chris- you're a better friend than her. 
hilary- what do you mean by that? 
chris- we had sex after your promise. right here actually. 
hilary- she wouldn't
chris- she is in love with me hilary. she's been playing with you the whole time 
hilary- are you being serious? 
chris- just ask. 
hilary- that bitch!! i trusted in her word. 
chris- maybe you shouldn't have. 
hilary- i can't believe her. 
chris- now you don't have to worry. your promise was broken a while ago. 
hilary- oh, screw her. to think i stopped myself from being with you. 
chris- you can fix that now. 
hilary- yeah, you're right. 

phila- just get some rest sis. i'm going to take care of you. 
bella- you really don't have to. 
phila- i want to. take a nice warm bath and change into some  pj's. i'm going to make you something to eat. 
bella- thanks phila. 
phila- go. 
at the kitchen
(phila thinking- and i thought my love life is complicated. i can't believe abby... i feel kinda guilty. did i somehow push her to think she had to lose her virginity?)
phila- coming!, i wonder who is here. what are you doing here? 
andre- i just want to know that bella is okay. 
phila- she is fine andre. but honestly, after what you did with abby, i highly doubt bella wants to see you. 
andre- bella told you. 
phila- yeah, she was sobbing for hours. you really broke her heart. 
andre- i love her phila. i want to fix things. 
phila- trust me andre. i don't think it's fixable. 
andre- it was just a meaningless kiss. 
phila- maybe to you. her life is complicated right now. she doesn't need you to make bigger mess of things. 
andre- that's not what i want. i just want to talk to her.  i want to try and get her to understand me. 
phila- i get it. i always liked you guys together. 
andre- then can you give me a chance to just talk to her? 
phila- i would but she is resting andre.  i was making her some soup.
andre- let me help you. 
phila- i don't know.....
andre- please, for old times. please....
phila- okay, but i'm not promising that you will get to see her. but i will let her decide. 
andre- thank you phila. thank you!
phila- you are welcome. 
(bella thinking- that bath was great. i should change into my sexy pj's. should pregnant people even dress like this?. why the hell not. )
bella- come in!
phila- how are you feeling? 
bella- i'm actually feeling a lot better. just what i needed i would say. 
phila- good, i'm really glad to hear it. you think about the baby stuff. 
bella- hardly... i honestly don't wanna think about it. 
phila- i understand but you're going to have to at some point. 
bella- trust me, i know. but i think i'm going to sleep on it. 
phila- yeah, okay. 
bella- you okay? 
phila- yeah.... but andre is here. 
bella- why? 
phila- he's worried about you bella. do you want to talk to him? 
bella- i don't know phila. 
phila- just talk to him bella. he really cares. 
bella- yeah, okay. 
phila- cool. 
andre- hi bella. 
bella- hi andre. 
andre- how are you feeling? are you okay? 
bella- don't worry. i'm good. 
andre- i have to worry. i love you
bella- don't andre. 
andre- i'm sorry. 
bella- i have a lot going on right now. trust me, you don't wanna get involved in my mess right now. 
andre- i do bella. i want to be there for you. i want to be with you. 
| will bella give andre a chance? | what kind of games is chris playing? | and what will he do when he find out bella're pregnant? | with abby and hilary after chris, what will bella do?| 
find out on the next episode at my blogg 16.09.2017


some kind of love part 9 (episode)

at bella's house. 
bella- i can't believe abby would do this. 
phila- guys, chill out. i mean, we used to sneak out all the time. 
dad- YOU WHAT? 
phila- i mean......
bella- who we used to be isn't who we are now. what we need to focus on now is finding abby. 
mom- my poor baby.... what should we do? 
andre- i suggest looking for her in places she frequents. 
phila- that's a great idea!
dad- i'm going to call some friends and see if they can help me find her. 
phila- that's a really good idea. 
bella- yeah, it is. 
phila- we should look for places she frequents like andre suggested. 
bella- mom can stay here in case she comes back. 
mom- that's a good idea. 
(abby thinking- so many damn people. how in the world am i going to get into this party?) 
grey- what, no invite? 
abby- no!. i was invited, but not by the host. 
grey- then who? 
abby- the boyfriend. 
grey- and here i thought you were a classy princess. 
abby- shut up loser. 
gray- loser. why do you want to be like those stuck up girls anyways? 
abby- what would a social outcast like yourself know anything about that ? 
gray- wow. you are right. 
abby- sorry... 
gray- i don't know anything. 
abby- i'm sorry to sound harsh... 
gray- of course you are. 
abby- i really am sorry , can we start over? 
gray- i'm not your kind of people.
(abby thinking- wonderful. okay abby you need a plan. ) 
jason- you made it. 
abby- hey jason.
jason- i can't believe you got stuck out here. 
abby- yeah right. 
jason- come on. follow me. 
abby- thank you! 

inside the party house
jason- can i get you something to drink? 
abby- yeah sure!, water sounds good. 
jason- i don't even think there is any water around. 
abby- uh, well a beer is okay too.
jason- i can do that. i will be right back. 
(abby thinking- does he actually like me?) 
chris- you threw a party jade? 
jade- chris what are you doing here? 
chris- where are mom and dad? 
jade- they are in paris for the weekend. 
chris- of course. i'm guessing they don't know about this little party you threw. 
jade- who cares if they know or not. find yourself a cute girl chris and just relax. 
chris- yes because i want to sleep with a minor....
jade- some of them are eighteen. 
chris- bye jade. 
jade- bye bro. 
(abby thinking- just drink and have un, it's easy....)
bella- no sign of abby anywhere. (bella calls her.) come on abby... answer me. nope, she's not answering me.(what should i do?) 
jude- bella. 
bella- jude? hey, what's up?
jude- are you okay? 
bella- yup, yup..... i'm fine. 
jude- oh okay. 
bella- what are you doing here? 
jude- there is a loud party going on down the street. i was told to check it out. 
bella- party? 
jude- you know how teenagers are. party everyday. 

bella- teen party? would you mind if i go with you ? 
jude- why do you want to come? 
bella- i think abby might be there. 
jude- abby hardly seems like the party type. 
bella- you'd be surprise. please can i go ?. i won't get in your way. i promise. 
jude- okay, sounds good. 
at jade's house. 
jude- just what i thought. 
bella- don't kill the party yet, okay? 
jude- why? 
bella- i don't know. abby might be here. 
jude- you actually think she is here? 
bella- honestly, i hope not, but if she is, gimme a chance to get her out. 
jude- yeah, okay.. make it quick bella. these kids are out of control, and my partner will be here soon. 
bella- thanks! 
inside the house
(abby thinking- i think i drank too much. i threw up on my shoes. i need to lay down.) 
abby- ooooo bed... 
chris- who are you ? 
abby- who are you ? 
chris- you are in my room. you should not be questioning me. 
abby- aha, sorry. you are totes right. 
chris- look kid, i just got out the shower and you smell like booze and vomit. if you could leave ,that would be great. 
abby- i'm not a kid. i'm eighteen. and i'm slightly drunk, and i threw up on my shoes. 
chris- you are eighteen? . i would say sixteen at best. 
abby- nope, nope. eighteen cutie. 
chris- okay. 
abby- would you mind if i shower in you bathroom? 
chris- i would actually. why would i let a stranger bathe in my bathroom? 
abby- because i will let you bathe with me. 

(bella thinking - if i was a spiteful teenager where would i be? , who should i ask around here? the group of mean girls looks like a winner. )
bella- hey ladies. 
jade- can we help you with something? 
tara- who even are you ? 
samantha- never seen you before. 
bella- i'm looking for my sister. abby, have you seen her? what is funny? 
jade- wow, she needs her sister to come and get her. 
samantha- such a loser. 
jade- she has some nerve crashing my party and then having her crappy sister show up. 
bella- have you seen her or not? 
jade- didn't you just hear me stupid? 
bella- all i heard was complaining. 
samantha- yes, she is here. 
jade- hopefully choking on her vomit. 
bella- where is she? 
tara- i saw her throwing up in the corner earlier. 
jade- she is a classy one. 
(bella thinking- ugh, these girls. ) 
bella- but where exactly? 
tara- i told you, i saw her throwing up in the corner earlier. 
samantha- we are not her babysitter. 
jade- i haven't seen her sorry. 
bella- thanks anyways. 

bella- god those girls are the worst. 
gray- you're telling me. 
bella- you're not a fan either? 
gray- bitchy and snobby aren't my type. i prefer hot and adventurous. 
bella- you have good taste. 
gray- you have a point there. 
(bella thinking- i wonder if this guy would know where abby is) 
bella- would you happen to know a girl named abby? 
gray- abby? 
bella- she is my little sister and i'm looking for her. 
gray- huh, no wonder you are so hot. good genes run in your family. 
bella- so you know her? 
gray- something like that. 
bella- have you seen her? 
gray- i saw her earlier.  she may have been drunk. 
bella- wonderful. 
gray- i can help you look for her. 
bella- you'd do that? 
gray- anything for a pretty face.
bella- you really don't need to help. 
gray- anything to spend more time with you. 
bella- i don't think i caught your name? 
gray- i'm gray 
bella- bella
gray- nice name.
bella- thank you. 
gray- i think if we wanna find abby, we should split up. faster and all.
bella- yeah, i think you're right. 
gray- we should trade numbers in case we find her. 
bella- hmmm, i guess you have a point. 
gray- see you around.
bella- i hope that was a good idea. 
bella- excuse me, the door was open.... (bella thinking- going into random rooms is weird man) abby?
abby- bella what are you doing here? 
bella- omg, i actually found you. why are you in a towel? 
abby- i....
chris- abby you left your clothes.. bella? 
bella- what are you doing with him? 
abby- you know my sister? 
chris- sister? 
|uh - oh! bella just fainted. | what did chris and abby do? |
find out on the next episode on my blogg tomorrow 15.09.2017


some kind of love part 8 (episode)

at bella's house
(bella thinking- was it all just a coincidence?, timmy was murdered. i never even knew. what does this have to do with chris. are they actually brothers?,)

bella has got a message from andre
(bella thinking- it's andre... he says... ) 
andre- can we talk
bella- okay. (she thinking- did he really have to message me now?, you are okay, you got this. i should just forget about chris, it's too complicated and i don't really know him. why the hell do i like him so much?. )

dad- abby, hi hunny... 
abby- dad?, you are actually home. 
dad- yes, well i had some spare time. i was thinking maybe we could have a family night?
abby- yeah, sorry but i have other plans
dad- oh..okay. where are you going?
abby- i'm going out with friends. 
dad- what friends? 
abby- friends dad!, i have friends you know. 
dad- alright, calm down. 
abby- sorry..
dad- just be home at ten, okay?, and perhaps you can change?
abby- of course you tell me that.
dad- meaning what abby?
abby- meaning what?, mom dresses like a skank whenever she whants, but you like that, right? , don't even get me started with my sisters. 
dad- abby!
abby- how come i can't dress this way, but they can!!!? 
dad- i can't control what adults do, but you are just a kid. 
abby- no, i'm not. after today, im a woman. 
dad- what do you mean by that ? 
abby- you've never been invested in my life, don't start now.
dad- that's it, you are not going out tonight.
abby- what ? 
dad- you can't just disrespect me like that.
abby- GO TO HELL!, don't try and be a father now. 
dad- abby, i'm not done talking to you. 
mom- what was that about? 
dad- abby is punished.
mom- what did she do?
dad- she was so disrespectfull. it wasn't like abby at all.

abby- i will show him. i will show all of them.
at the beach 
bella- i'm surprised you wanted to meet here. 
andre- are you really? , this place means a lot to us. 
bella- yeah, thats true. you asked me to be your girlfriend here. 
andre- we had a lot of firsts here. 
bella- yes, we do. what's going on andre? are you alright? 
andre- i didn't come to talk about myself. well, not really.
bella- andre i really can't talk about "us" right now. 
andre- that's not what i want to talk about either. but eventually, i would like to.
bella- okay, what's up?
andre- it's about abby.
bella- about... abby?
at bella's house
mom- hunny, i completely understand why you are so angry, but please. abby doesn't usually go out at all.  she just stays home and reads. 
dad- there is nothing wrong with that
mom- of course not, but she needs to be a teenager too. she's just experimenting with who she is. it's our job to be there for her.
dad- so you want me to reward her for being disrespectful. 
mom- i want you to give her a chance to prove she's capable of handling adult situation. if we don't let her go out tonight she may never go out again. do you really want that? 
dad- no, but...
mom- just give her a chance, okay?
dad- abb, it's me dad. abby can we talk ? , i want to ..... apologize. abby? 
mom- where is she ? 

at the beach 
bella- why do you want to talk about abby?, is she okay? 
andre- i don't know where to start. 
bella- what's going on? 
andre- abby needs help bella.
bella- help?, what do you mean by that ? 
andre- i'm worried about how lonely she feels.
bella-  andre, what are you talking about?, how would you even know how abby feels? 
andre- i can see it in her eyes. i can see her sadness.
bella- you can see her sadness?, is that code for something? 
andre- bella, she kissed me. 
bella- excuse me? 
andre- we kissed... 
bella- YOU KISSED?
andre- she started spewing some crap about it not being a big deal. that you encouraged it. 
bella- i encouraged her to kiss you? 
andre- she told me she just wanted to get her first kiss over with, she said it wasn't a big deal and i believed her. 
bella- i can't believe it. 
andre- i'm sorry, rose. i'm an idiot. 
bella- you took my sister's first kiss. 
andre- she begged me. 
bella- she's sixteen, you creep!, you are twenty four!, she is my little sister!. That it so wrong. so so so wrong. 
andre- you are right. it was sick and so stupid. but that is my point bella. 
bella- what point is that ? 
andre- she asked me to take her virginity from her. 
bella- she did what?
andre- i feel so bad. i really do, but i'm worried that she is going to make a huge mistake. she is desperate bella. 
bella- i should kill you!, that isn't the kind of person abby is.  she is so  innocent and sweet. 
andre- she wants to be like you and phila bella. she wants that so badly. i'm so sorry. 
bella- i forgive you andre. 
andre- thank you bella. i just need you to help her bella. i will stay away but just... help her. 
bella- i plan on it. 
|can things with andre ever be fixed? | will bella find abby before she makes a grave mistake? | with family drama and boys, who knows what will happen next! | 
find out on the next episode on my blogg tomorrow 14.09.2017...


some kind of love part 7 (episode)

at the school 
(abby thinking- you can do it, it's just school.)
jade- look at you, trying to get some attention, huh? 
tara- you look like an idiot. 
samantha- what are you wearing?
jade- she wants to be us so badly.

samantha- should we be flattered or creeped out?
tara- both. 
abby- i don't want to be you. 
jade- keep telling yourself that, loser. 
jason- hey, babe. 
jade- hi. baby! come give me a kiss. 
tara- you guys are adorbs! 
jade- we are, aren't we?
tara- we better go before we're late, again.
samantha- yessss!
jade- see you later babe. 
jason- bye, hottie. 
jason- hi 
(abby thinking- is he talking to me?)
jason- i'm jason. 
(abby thinking- of course, i know that. he's the most popular guy in school, dating the most popular girl in school.)
abby- yeah, i know. i'm abby.

jason- nice to meet you beautiful. 
(abby thinking- we've had classes together since middle school, and you still don't know my name) 

jason- are you going to jade's party tonight? 
abby- i wasn't invited. 
jason- how could you not be? 
abby- we're not exactly friends. 
jason- well. i'm inviting you right now. 
abby- i don't think jade would even let me in. 
jason- there will be hundreds of people there. trust me, she won't be worried about you. crap, we're late. i will see you around beautiful. 
abby- okay
(abby thnking- all it took was a skimpy outfit and make up for him to notice me. i'm stressed out. i don't wanna go to class.)
abby- excuse me? 
gray- can i help you with something? 
abby- can i have one of those? 
gray- what?
abby- can i have on?
gray- look princess, go home. 
abby- i'm not a princess. i will buy one from you. 
gray- have you even smoked before?
abby- that's really not your business. 
gray- good point.  enjoy princess. 
abby- thank you
(gray living)
abby- here goes nothing.... 
(abby thinking- oh what the hell!. so gross!)

bella's home
(bella thinking- i seriously can't stop thinking about andre. why is he back? why now?. i guess it doesn't matter much. )
bella- coming!, i wonder who's here. dad, what are you doing here? 
dad - i was on my way home so i thought i'd stop by. 
bella- everything okay?
dad- yeah, everything is okay for me. but i looked into timmy brown and chris. 
bella- what did you find out? 
dad- because you diden't know chris's last name, i couldn't do much. 
bella- damn. 
dad- so i decided to look into timmy. and well, he has a brother named chris. 
bella- are you serious? 
dad- chris brown, a smart kid. scholarships, awards, he graduated high school early. 
(bella thinking- are they brothes?, but why wouldn't he just tell me that ?)
bella- do you know where timmy is now?
dad- bella, timmy died. 
bella- what? 
|how are chris and timmy connected?|how did timmy die? | and will abby be able to deal with her drama?| follow this blogg, and you can read the answer tomorrow. 


some kind of love part 6 (episode)

at bella's house
bella- i told chris things were over... even though we never really started anything. 
hilary- haha. i know, but thanks bella. you are my bff, booo, booo. this guy is cute, but not that cute. not enough to lose my bestie. 
bella- yeah... so where was it that you wanted to go? 
hilary- du you trust me? 
bella- uhhh...
hilary- we are just gonna go get some coffee. we need some girly time!
bella- okay, fine. i should change. 
hilary- change bb! 
bella- okay, ready to go. 
hilary- sounds good.
at the coffee shop. 
hilary- busy, ugh. 
bella- should we go somewhere else? 
hilary- i have a hook up who can get to skip the line. 
bella- realy? 
hilary- brb. 
bella- aww, jeez. 
(bella thinking- dad said he'd call me when the background check was done. he's busy so i can't bother him. )
andre- bella? 
bella- hey, andre.... 
andre- i con't believe you are here. how are you ? 
(bella thinking- i think i should go the other way around.... )
bella- why aren't you in south dakota? 
andre- it's a long story 
bella- did somthong happend with school?
andre- i lost my scholarship bella. 
bella- what? why? 
andre- i'd rather not talk about it. but it was nice  seeing you. text me sometimes, okey? 
bella- sure. 
(bella thinking - he is back ) 
hilary - was that andre`? 
bella- it was... look like he is back hilary. 

outside bella's house. 
abby- phila!
phila- sup, cute pie? 
abby-  what are you doing her. 
phila- mom and i are getting mani- pedis. wanna come? 
abby- not really. 
phila- of course you don't. you gotta act more girly or, you will never get a boyfriend. wow, i'm a idiot. don't listen to me. 
abby- i'm fine. 
phila- sorry, i didn't mean to hurt your feelings. 
abby- don't be silly. as if i care what you have to say. have fun with mom. i will be having fun too. 
phila- oooooooooooh!, are you going somewhere? 
abby- yeah, i have a date. 
phila- awsome!, have fun, cutie pie. i expect after hour details!.
abby- totally....
phila- and be safe!, don't be one of those stupid girls getting pregnant. 
abby- aha, yeah .... i will. i'm not dumb 
phila- i know cutie. get'em good. cutie pie. 
(abby thinking- good. i'm such a loser) 
mom- abby? , where is she going? 
phila- she told me she has a date. 
mom- how amazing. maybe she will finally pop that cherry. 
phila- maybe... let's go?
mom- yeah.
bella's room. 
(abby thinking - will he like me better if i dress like this?
at the coffee shop
bella- i missed this. 
hilary- yeah me too. we have to do this more often. 
bella- agreed!

hilary- abby?

abby- hey guys... that are you doing her?
hilary- we are just getting a drink. 
bella- and you ? 
abby- meeting a friend 
hilary- you look spicy hot abb!
bella- you look different.
abby- i know
hilary- we should let her get to her friend. 
abby- good idea.  see you. 
bella- should i be worried? 
hilary- naaaah!, you remember us at that age?  she just wants to be a little rebel and she's cute. 
bella- i guess. 
hilary- let's go babe!

andre- wow, you made it. you look....uhh..
abby- thanks and don't worry, my sister is gone. 
andre- did she ask about me or something? 
abby- no. i told you, she is over you.
andre- right.... 
abby- do you really like my outfit? 
andre- yeah, sure... 
abby- i wanted to try something new. 
andre- what did you want to talk about abby? 
abby- andre, i want you to have sex with me. 
andre- what? 
abby- i mean, we have already kissed. it would just be practice for the real thing!. it's not a big deal. 
andre- abby, it is a big deal.  it's insane. a kiss is one thing, but sex.... 
abby- it's just sex andre. it doesn't even mean anything!
andre- it means something to me. 
abby- please, you probably banged bella on day one. 
andre- i love bella abby. i was with her because i love her.
abby- can you stop talking about my ho of a sister.  she was with another guy just the other day!. 
andre- i don't care.  look. i'm really sorry. i knew this was a bad idea.  your first kiss is important. i should have never been the one to take that form you.
abby- she is over you. this isn't about me! , do you think i care about our kiss?. it was just practice for the real thing!. i...i..i..
andre- abby... what's really going on? 
abby- what's really going on!? what's really going on!? what's really going on is that i'm a loser.  a loser no one wants to kiss and date. i have no close friends, and my sisters are the definition of beautiful and outgoing. they are hot, and i'm not. i have no friends. no boyfriend. no, nothing.
andre- abby that isn't true. you are....
abby- just stop it andre. i don't need your pity. i will find someone else who doesn't find me repulsive. someone who is actually willing to sleep with me. 
andre- abb, wait. 

|what will abby's meltdown lead to? | will bella and her ex-boyfriend reconnect? |

find out tomorrow at this blogg. to be continued.....


some kind of love part 5 (episode)

at bella's house
andre- WOW
abby- d-did i do it right?
andre- yeah, yeah..... i can't believe you are never kissed anyone. 
abby- are you sure?, any criticism is great. 
andre- well, maybe you could use more tongue next time. not too much, but a little bit more.
abby- more tongue, i got it?, can we try again?
andre- if you are okay with that.
abby- i am. 
andre- okay.

back at chris's house 
chris- what are you talking about?
hilary- i remember you chris. You used to go to school with me and bella.
chris- yeah, no. i studied abroad.
hilary- but i remember!, you were goofy timmy. 
chris- like i said, i didn't even live her. i went to school around Europe. 
hilary- seriously?, you look just like him. 
chris- i must have a twin then, but it wasn't me. 
hilary- sorry for assuming then. 
chris- it's okay. 
hilary- you busy?
chris- kinda...... i was gonna shower. 
hilary- oooooh!, can i shower with you? 
chris- uh.
hilary- haha!, your face. i'm kidding hot stuff. bella and i won't let you ruin our friendship.
chris- that's not my intention. 
hilary- i know. we can't blame you for having a cute face. anyways. i should let you get back to your shower. 
chris- sure. 

after she has gone. 
bella- goofy timmy? 
chris- i don't know who that is. 
bella- OMG! you do look like him. just without the glasses and pimples. 
chris- so. i'm a more attractive version of goofy timmy? 
bella- hell yeah! 
chris- so who was this guy? 
bella- he was in love with me. 
chris- were you friends?
bella- hardly. hilary an i were horrible towards him. i feel bad to this day. 
chris- you seem so sweet. 
bella- thaht was in my past. i'm not that girl anymore. i'm not a mean girl. i want to be a good person. 
chris- and you are. 
bella- OMG. ugh, please stop flirting with me. i claim to be a better friend, but i legit just betrayed my best friend. i'm terrible. 
chris- i get it bella. i get that hilary is your best friend, but i really like you. you are willing to give that up? 
bella- no, i really like you. but i just feel like we are rushing things. i just got out of a long term relationship. i don't want to rush into things more. 
chris- i respect that. i just want to keep seeing you. 
bella- me too. 
in the car. bella talk to dad on phone. 
bella- hey daddy! , are you at work? 
dad- yes, i am. what's up, baby girl? 
bella- can i come see you? , i want you to look into something for me. 
dad- yeah, of course. come over  and i will set aside some time for you.
bella- love you daddy. 

at her dad's workplace.(police station)
jude- bella, what brings you around? 
bella- i came to see my dad. he didn't tell you? 
jude- he didn't, but he's in his office. feel free to go in. 
bella- thanks jude , how are you by the way? 
jude- i'm really good. thank you fr asking. 
bella- how are things with Lola? 
jude- we are okay, i think...
bella- oh, okay... good. 
jude- i should get back to work. 
bella- right, right! bye. 
jude- bye
dad- come in.
bella- hey daddy. 
dad- hi baby girl. everything okay?
bella- yup, yup!, i was just wondering if you could do me a big favor. 
dad- what's up?
bella- i was wondering if you could do a background check on someone... 
dad- who baby?
bella- two people actually, timmy brown... 
dad- why dose that name sound familiar? 
bella- ummmmmm, he went to scool with me. 
dad- alright, and the other one?
bella- his name is chris. 
dad- and he is? 
bella- a friend.... i just.... i want to make sure they are not the same person. 
dad- that is very interesting.
bella- can you do it? 

dad- seems simple enough. 
bella- thank you daddy. 
dad- you are welcome baby girl. 
|who is timmy brown? | what are chris's real intention? | will bella and hilary be able to work things out? | and when will bella get pregnant? |

find out tomorrow at this blogg. to be continiued......


some kind of love part 4 (episode)

at bella's house
(bella thinking - i gotta get ready for this date whit chris. i should dress to impress. what matter what, you gotta be a good girl bella. hilary just texted me. she says "i love you XOXO". i texted back "i love you more bb!. 
outside at the hotel
(bella thinking- he wanted me to meet him at this hotel. am i a whore for dating this?. calm down bella. he said he was living here until his house got renovated. it's a nice place. you have famous people walking around and everything. what exactly is his job?. snap out of it. you are here to end things. not that anything is going on. omg, i hate myself. it's hilary again. i'm a idiot. 
at chris's house. 
chris- hi, make yourself at home. 
bella- thanks, but i'm not here to get comfy. 
chris- oh, yeah?. why are you here then?
bella- you told me you wanted to talk. so, what is it?
chris- i just want to apologize for the other day. 
bella- for kissing my best friend?
chris- it didn't happend like that.... she kissed me and i stopped her. trust me, she was belligerent and wasted. 
bella- okay....
chris- okay? 
bella- thanks for explaining it, but it doesen't matter. 
chris- meaning what? 
bella- you're just some strange dude i met at the club. you don't own me anything. 
chris- what if that's not all i want to be?
bella- what do you mean by that? 
chris- i really like you bella. 
bella- you do? , really? 
chris- really, really. 
(bella thinking- i can't do this) 
|even though i really wanted to. i made a promise. i can't break it, can i ?| 
chris- bella? 
|oh, screw it!. there went the promise. i couldn't resist it. his delicious lips intertwining with my own. i could hear his heart racing as he pulled me in closer. we begin to sway not long after we began tearing each other's clothes off. the thought of being with him again, made me tremble all over again. it was such an intense feeling. i began to question if it was purely sexual, but then again. i didn't care. i wanted him. i desired him, and i had him. |
hilary- chris, it's hilary, remember me?
bella- oh, crap!. what is hilary doing here?
chris- how the hell did she get my address? 
hilary- chris, it's super important!.
bella- do not tell her i'm here!. i will murder you. 
chris- okay, okay. 
bella- i'm going to hide!.

chris- hilary how did you get my address?
hilary- i remember now. 
chris- what do you remember? 
hilary- i remember who you really are!
at bella's house
andre(bella's ex)- i'm surprised you called me abb. 
abby- how come? 
andre- after i broke up with bella, i thought i had be blacklisted. 
abby- you and bella are over. 
andre- i didn't want things to end that way, but school is just tough right now. bella took it all the wrong way. 
abby- she is somewhat of a drama queen. 
andre- yeah, a little. are your parents here?. i didn't think your parents would want me around anymore. 
abby- they're working late. 
andre- so they  don't know i'm here? 
abby- i kinda just needed it to be me and you. 
andre- what's up?. are you okay?
abby- i need a huge favor. before you were bella's boyfriend, you were our friend. 
andre- you're right. i have knows you guys for a long time. is everything okay?
abby- like i said. i need a huge favor. 
andre- okay, what is it?
abby- you can't say no. 
andre- what is it ?
abby- promise me you won't say no. 
andre- i can't promise unless i know what you're talking about. 
abby- okay, just hear me out
andre- what's going on abb? 
abby- can you be my first kiss? 

andre- what?
abby- i know it sounds kinda strange, but it's not! 
andre- it sounds a little more than strange abb. you are my exes baby sister, and you're like a sister to me too. 
abby- i'm not your sister. it's not a big deal even bella told me a kiss isn't something to die about. i just wanna get over it. i don't want to keep feeling like a loser, because i have never had my first kiss. bella wouldn't be mad. she knows kisses have no meaning. 
andre- i don't think you understand what you are saying. 
abby- i do. look andre, you are the only person i can ask. i don't have any close girlfriends that can take my first kiss from me. boys don't even talk to me. 
andre- don't cry! 
abby- i'm sorry. i just don't understand. why does no one want to kiss me? 
andre- abby, a kiss is special in a sense. you should share it with someone you care about. 
abby- i care about you. 
andre- you are like my little sister. 
abby- just help me out. it's not a big deal. i'm tired of feeling like a loser. 
andre- bella would never forgive me. i love her abb. 
abby- she wouldn't be mad. she's the one that put this idea in my head. trust me andre. i just want to get over with. 
andre- you are sure about this?
abby- i am. 
andre- fine. 
abby- yay, thank you. i'm kinda nervous, i don't know how. 
andre- just relax. if at any moment you feel uncomfortable, i want you to tell me. 
abby- got it!. no worries. 
| who is chris really?| and will abby fall for bella's sexy ex? | 
find out tomorrow at this blogg. to be continiued......


some kind of love part 3 (episode)

|So we both agreed. chris wouldn't be hers, and he woulden't be mine.....made things easier for me.|
at bella's home
phila- seriously you're going to give up on him just like that?
bella- it was easy. he hasn't called me. i'm not losing my lifetime best friend for him.
abby(bella's sister)- what are you talking about?
phila- bella hooked up with a stranger that hilary is into.
bella- why'd you have to say it like that?
phila- what else was i supposed to say it?
abby- does that mean you're over andre? 
phila- andre was a jerk, you better be over him.

bella- i mean, he dumped me.
abby- because he wanted to focus on school. 
phila- that's just code for him wanting to be single. the dude is fine at school. 
bella- i think so too. i'm not going to cry over guys anymore. screw them and their pretty faces. 
phila- you did screw them bella.
mom- who is bella screwing?
abby- ewww, mom.
phila- random dude from he club.
bella- tell everyone why don't you.
mom- was he any good?
phila- he was bomb digity bomb!
bella- stop it!, i'm right here. 
mom- have fun with him, if he's good. 
abby- i did not just hear that. 
bella- mom, don't start. 
abby- seriously dude. 
mom- you act like you're kids
abby- i'm only sixteen. 
mom- you have lost your V card right?
abby- i don't know how to answer that. 
bella- mom, OMG. 
mom- no shame from me!. my first was your father, but we were on and off for a long time. then i dated your uncle for å while. 
abby- barf!
mom- there were a few other people too. a few party night. i experimented a lot too. best time of my life. 
abby- ewww, i have had enough of this. 
mom- aw, my baby is clearly still a baby. 
bella- mom, don't pressure her. 
phila- OMG.
mom- i wasn't trying too, i just want you guys to be open with me. 
bella- did you really sleep with uncle?
mom- more than once. 
phila- was he better than dad?
mom- in what aspect?
bella- i do not want to hear this either. 
phila- i want to hear!!!
bella- i'm ouuuuuut. 
mom- let me tell you hunny!, your uncle knows how to use that tongue. 
phila- OMG!

bella- are you okay?
abby- i'm fine....
bella- i'm have a hard time believing you. 
bella- what's up pinkie?, Don't listen to mom and phila. you know how they are. 
abby- am i a loser bella?, i haven't even kissed a guy, but most girls my age are way beyond that. 
bella- what?, you are not a loser!, and that isn't true. you're still young and you do not need to rush into something as important as sex. 
abby- i don't want to be left behind. what it i turn twenty and i still haven't had my first kiss?. 
bella- who cares?, you're telling me a kiss defines any part of who you are?
abby- in a way it does. 
bella- can i tell you a secret? 
abby- yeah? 
bella- hilary was my first kiss. 
abby- what? 
bella- we were both fourteen, and depressed that we didn't have boyfriends. hilary suggested it so we'd get it over with and we did. it was the most unmagical and awkward thing ever. 
abby- seriously? 
bella- true story. i don't regret it either. she's my best friend. if i had to have someone awkwardly take my first kiss from me, it would be her. i love her most after all. and my point of this story is that you don't have to worry. you're young, beautiful and smart. a kiss is just two people exchanging saliva and germs. a lot of people your age, don't even brush their teeth properly.
abby- ewwwww
bella- exactly. kissing is actually super gross if you think about it. 
abby- i really don't wanna think about it. 
bella- good. 
abby- thanks sis. i feel a lot better. 
bella- good... don't ever take mom and phila as an example . they don't know what they are talking about. 
abby- i love you
bella- i love you more. 
abby- seriously bella...... thank you. 
bella- you're welcome abbs, don't worry about any of that, okay?
abby- yeah, i will try... 
bella- was that yours?
abby- i don't think so. who is it? 

bella- the guy i hooked up with.
abby- what did he say? 
bella- he wants to see me tonight. 
|how will your meeting with chris go?| will you break your promise to hilary or will you keep it| 
find out what's happened next tomorrow at my blogg.  to be continued! .....


instagram lately.

Nå er det lenge siden jeg har oppdatert dere på min instagram bruker. Jeg har vært på kino. jeg har vært på filmkveld. jeg har vært på hardcruise, og jeg har farget håret mitt brunt igjen. Siden jeg har en instagram, har jeg veldig lyst til å se og bli kjent med hva dere poster ut på instagram. Så legg inn en kommentar, med instagram navnet ditt, så jeg får sjekket ut din instagram, og kanskje vi kan følge hverandre. Det som jeg alltid har likt med instagram, er at man kan dele sitt privatliv der, og vise det til alle andre, hva du gjør for noe.

Forrige dagen her ble jeg litt satt ut. for hele livet mitt er på instagram, når jeg slo opp med eksen, når jeg var på konsert, når jeg var på sentret, når jeg var å besøkte mamma, når jeg hadde bursdag, når jeg forandret utsenet mitt, når jeg tok mit første tatto, når jeg var veldig aktiv å trente mye. turer jeg har vært med på. hva jeg har spist til middag når jeg drakk på byen sist, når jeg var drita full på fester også videre. Det er egentlig litt skummelt, hvor mye jeg deler ut. Men sånn er det i dagens samfun at man skal dele alt uansett hva man gjør, så lenge det ikke går så langt, at man til slutt tar bildet av at man sitter på do, eller skriver at man sitter på do eller  noe. der går hvertfall min grense.  
så igjen del instagram navnet ditt med meg, så jeg kan følge deg, og se hva du har lagt ut. Alltid gøy å se hva andre legger ut ! 


some kind of love part 2 (episode)

your sister Phila is talking with someone...
phila- jude... what are you doing here? 
jude- i had some books to pick up before i head to work. do you work here? 
phila- yeah, i do. you still work with my dad, right? 
jude- yeah, i do. i honestly didn't think i'd run into you here. 
phila- the life of a college drop out, my friend. 
jude- i have been there. what happened with the photography stuff you wanted to do?
phila- it didn't work out. 
jude- i'm sorry. you're really talented. 
phila- i'm not good enough. 
jude- don't say that. you know that isn't true. 
phila- it's the truth. i failed as a photographer and i failed as a student. i failed in our relationship too. 
jude- don't do that to yourself phila. we were young when we dated. we both made mistakes. i'm passed that and you should be too. 
phila- yeah, i know you are. but it's not that easy for me. 
jude- what do  you mean? 
phila- i heard you have a new girlfriend. 
jude- yeah, i do.... phila don't do this okay?
phila- it's all my fault-- i never got the change to apologize.
jude- we  both made mistakes. 
phila- i was the one that cheated! 
jude- that was years ago. i'm over it. 
phila- but, i'm not. jude. i haven't loved anyone since i loved you. 
jude- i'd love to continue this chat phila, but i really don't want to be late. 
phila- yeah, i get it... 
jude- it was really nice seeing you. i hope you're well.
phila- bye, jude. 

at bella's house.
(bella thinking - how is at the door so early?) 
bella- i'm coming!
bella- hilary are you okay? 
hilary- bella call the police!
bella- what?
hilary- i think someone did something to me!!!
bella- what? 
hilary- i wake up in some random car in front of your house. who knows what happened to me. 
bella- OMG, hilary. were you dressed? 
hilary- yes. and extremely hung over. i had a blanket over me too. 
bella- don't worry, hilary. you're okay. you were in chris's car. 
hilary- OMG, did i hook up with him? 
bella- no... 
hilary- shame
bella- you don't even know him. 
hilary- we connected bella. after you left we kissed
bella- you what?
chris- bella have you seen my pants?
|after this morning's disaster. i needed some sisterly advice. chris kissed hilary. and i slept with chris last night. it was a messy disaster, and i needed quidance.|
phila- holy crap, sis. how did you do this? you don't usually sleep with random guys you meet at the club.
bella- i know, it was so intense. i really like this guy, but it seems like hilary does too. i thought he liked me too, but he was just playing us. 
phila- so what did he say about all this? 
bella- he said hilary drunk kissed him, and she just got pissed, and slapped him. then they started arguing and i ran out. 
phila- wow, little sis. sounds to me like hilary is crazy. he clearly wants to be with you. 
bella- but i don't even know if i want to be with him. 
phila- was the sex amazing? 
bella- it was fire!!!!. 
phila- then you want to be with him. 
bella- really?
phila- i say give it a chance. you  might really like the guy. 
bella- what about hilary's feeling for him?
phila- you had sex with him first, that means he's yours. 
bella- i don't know phila.
phila- trust in your big sister!. i have dealt with plenty of boy drama to know. 
bella- maybe, but you haven't dated in a long time. you're out of practice. 
phila- ouch!!!, that hurts. 
bella- oops. 

at bella's house. 
|reflecting on my sister's advice, i wanted to figure out if i even liked chris, or if it was just an in the moment thing. but i had zero intentions of ruining my friendship with hilary.|
bella- thanks for coming.

hilary- what do you want? 
bella- why are you mad at me? 
hilary- you knew i liked him, and then you had sex with him!
bella- i didn't know. 
hilary- you CLEARLY don't know me. thanks for ruining my birthday.
bella- i'm sorry. 
hilary- bye bella.
bella- hilary wait!. i don't want to argue. 
hilary- then what do you want to do?. because we clearly can't agree on anything.
bella- i want us to make up. we have know each other since first grade. i don't want to argue.
hilary- you are right, but we have never broken girl code. now some random guy has us breaking all type of codes. 
bella- how do we fix it?
hilary- i think we both know how to fix it.
bella- how?
hilary- we both forget about him. he was hot, but not that hot. i don't want to lose my best friend. 
bella- you are right. 
hilary- so we both agree?, we are dropping him?
bella- like a pancake!
|will you take your sisters advice?| can you and hilary keep your promise?|do you even want to be with chris?|

find out what's happened next tomorrow at my blogg.  to be continued! .....


har du sett disse ?

til alle dere jenter der ute. Hvis dere har planlagt en filmkveld alene eller sammen med noen. så har jeg 5 flotte tips til dere. jeg elsker som sagt å slappe av i sengen min, men en film som jeg ser på min data. nå er det jo opp til dere, hvor filmen blir sett. så lenge du har det koselig, og så lenge du får sett filmen. 

1. the longest ride. dette er en film jeg kan se igjen flere 1000 ganger. jeg blir aldri lei av den. det handler om en uforglemmelig fortelling om to sammenflettede kjærlighteshistorier, som beviser hvor universielt kjærlighet kan være. i den ene møter vi den eldre karen ira, som noen år tidligere mistet sitt livs, store kjærlighet gjennom 55 år. noen andre som har sett den?. da må du sette deg ned nå å se den. 

2. LOL, er også en film jeg har sett mye. Husker jeg så den første gang, og jeg fikk så sommerfugler av den. Hvertfall mot slutten, tror jeg hoppet rundt i stuen i kanskje et kvarter etter at filmen var ferdig. Skal sies hvor glad du blir av å se denne filmen. Denne filmen handler om et nytt skoleår som begynner, og Lola har kjærlighetsorg etter å ha blitt dumpet av kjæresten. men snart blir hun overrasket av sin beste venn, den unge musikeren kyle, som viser seg å ha følelser dor henne. i en verden forbundet av youtubem itunes og facebook, møtes vi Lola og hennes venner. som andre tenåringer flest, har de fokus på romantikk og vennskap samtidig som de prøver å komme seg unna deres noen ganger nedlatende og forvirrende foreldre. da Lolas mor anne "tilfeldigvis" leser tenåringsdatterens dagbok, innser moren hvor stort kommunikasjons- gapet mellom dem er. Gjennom hysteriske og dyptfølte øyeblikk, blir LOL en frisk komedie satt i moderne tid. hvis du ikke har sett denne så må du vurdere å se den. Du kommer ikke til å angre!. dere som har sett den, hva syntes dere? 

3. if i stay er også en film, som jeg kunne ha sett flere ganger enn det jeg har gjort. Siden jeg kan innrømme, at jeg ikke har sett den så mange ganger som de andre, men når jeg først ser den. så angrer jeg ikke et sekund. Det er en flott film, med mye følelser, drama og tårer. den handler om en 17 år gammel jente som heter mia, hun er en begavet musiker med en lys fremtid. Hun har alt hun ønsker seg, inkludert en fantastisk kjæreste. men en dag, når snøen lanner på bakken, legger hun ut på en biltur som forvandler alt. fanget mellom liv og død tvinges mia til å te en vanskelig beslutningg som vil påvirke hennes fremtid for alltid. er det noen som har sett den?, hva syntes dere om den?. hvis dere ikke har sett den, så vet dere hva dere skal gjøre. Jeg har i tillegg kjøt boken, som jeg snart skal begynne på btw. Så nå vet dere det. 

4. et helt halvt år er en flott film, som jeg har sett mer enn en gang. Grunnen til at jeg så den for første gang, var fordi jeg hadde lest boken før den kom ut. så når det først kom ut på kino. så måtte jeg bare se om de hadde klart å utfylle mine forventninger i filmen, så da måtte jeg bare se den på kino. når man leser boken før filmen, så er det alltid noe som ikke blir med, men denne gangen hadde de vært flinke, og tatt med det viktigste av boken. for dere som ikke har sett den, så handler den om en jente som heter Louisa clark, kjent som lou, mister plutselig jobben sin som servitør, og må finne en ny måte å få inn pengene som familien hennes er avhengig av. i desperasjon tar hun en jobb som personlig assistent for will trayner. håper dere vil se, og liker denne filmen. Hva syntes dere som har sett den? 

5. blue lagoon9: the awakening er også en film jeg har sett mange ganger etter hverandre. Den er utrolig fin, og har mange romantiske sener. Dette er en film jeg absolutt vil at dere skal se, hvis dere ikke har sett den. den handler at gnistene fyker mellom to high school elever som ikke har så mye til felles, da et uhell under en klassetur, gjør at de blir strandet på en øde øy. hva skjer så mer, får dere nesten se. Så ikke nøl med å se denne filmen, hvis du ikke har sett den. Lover at den er kjempe bra. Hva syntes dere som har sett denne filmen? 

Håper dere likte tipsene jeg ga. Det kommer mer snart, så bare følg bloggen min.
Ps. alle filmene kan du se på viaplay og netflix. 


some kind of love part 1 (episode)

at hilary's home
hilary- come on bella!
bella- ugh, hilary

Hilary- why?

bella- Andre just dumped me. i am not in the mood to go out
hilary- but it's my birthday!, you promised.

bella- i know.

hilary- come on gril!, he dumped you a week ago. you will have fun. being stuck in your room isn't good for you. 
bella- i like being in my room.
Hilary- you are getting fat. 
bella- really?
hilary- i can see the difference in you cheeks.
bella- agh, i'm single and gaining weight. 
hilary- you know what will fix things?
bella- going out tonight?
hilary- yes! but that's not all. have sex with random stranger or something. 
bella- ugh! fine! 
hilary- yippie!, get dressed 
bella- i like to go like this 
hilary- you look stunning, let's go! 

at the bar...... 
hilary- this place is lit. 
bella- yeah, i guess. 
hilary- don't be so boring!, this is a clear hot spot tonight. I say we get drinks and turn up!. what du you want to drink?
bella- vodka and redbull. 
hilary- yes, girl! yesssssss!
bella- i know how to pick them. 
hilary- one vodka and redbull coming right up!
bella- i will just wait here and wallow.
Bella- thinking(all i want to do is sleep) 
chris- hi.
bella- hi.
chris- the name is chris
bella- nice to meet you. 
hilary- well, hi there. 
chris- hi. 
bella- this is chris. he came over to say hi. 
hilary- nice to meet you chris. i'm hilary.
chris- hi there. 
hilary- mind drinking with us. hot stuff?
chris- i'm down for everything and anything. 
hilary- i love the sound of that.
bella- thinking(oh boy, sally found her next target. 
chris- are you ladies alone?
hilary- yup, single and ready to mingle. and i mean ready ready. 
chris- sounds nice. 
hilary- what about you?
chris- i'm here with some friends who ditched me. 
hilary- cute, but that's not what  i meant. 
chris- what did you mean? 
bella- she clearly wants to know if you're single? 
hilary- yeah. 
chris- oh, yeah. i am. 
hilary- how is a hot man like yourself single? 
chris- i could say the same about you two. how are two beautiful ladies like yourself single?
bella- i was dumped. 
hilary- and i'm looking for a badass who can tie me down. literally and metaphorically. 
chris- i can already tell you're an open person. 
hilary- i consider myself a free spirit. 
chris- oh...
hilary- what about you?, are you open?
chris- you could ask me anything and i'd answer. 
hilary- that's tempting. 
chris- go for it.
bella- are you sure about that?, we won't hold back. 
chris- don't hold back on me. 
bella-thinking(what do i know about him?)
bella- how old are you?
hilary- ooh, i wanna know too. 
chris- i'm twentyone. 
hilary- just like me. it's my birthday today. 
chris- happy birthday. 
hilary- thanks, maybe you can give me a little birthday gift later? 
chris- maybe. 
bella- i'm twenty
chris- did you two go to school together?
hilary- yes, we did. 
chris- that's cool. 
hilary- do you have any siblings? 
chris- i have a little brother and sister. 
bella- are you close with them?
chris- not exactly.  do you guys have siblings?
hilary- i'm an only child. so no. 
chris- must be nice. 
hilary- yeah, it is. 
bella- i have two sisters, one older and one younger.  i love them so much. we are so close. i would say. 
chris- you're lucky you're close with them. i wish i had that. 
bella- why did you come over to us?
chris- is that actually a question?
bella- i'm asking, aren't i? 
hilary- play the beans, hottie 
chris- you're both beautiful.  what kind of a man could resist the temptation of talking to you two?
hilary- a gay man i suppose. 
chris- true, but you're both beautiful. and i can tell you're fun. 
bella- how can you tell? 
chris- something in your eyes.
hilary- i like you. you know how to talk to a lady. 
chris- i try.  i always try.
bella- hot. 
hilary- ooh, i have a question!. what's your favorite color?
chris- huh, i have never thought about it. but i gotta go with red. 
hilary- ah, me too!. red is hot. red is fire. 
(bella thinking- wow)
hilary- you gotta tell us your craziest hookup story!
chris- what do you mean by crazy? 
hilary- anything juicy you have to tell?. we are two strangers so you know we don't judge. 
(bella thinking- maybe you don't but i sure as hell do) 
chris- back in high school, i was in love with this girl named Corina. she convinced me to go to her house late at night so we could hookup. 
bella- with her parents there? 
chris- yeah....not exactly my  proudest moment. 
hilary- OMG.

chris- we hooked up all over her house, all night. while her parents were sleeping. 
bella- ewwwww. 
chris- the worst part is we forgot to lock her bedroom door. so the next morning her mom came in and just caught us both naked on the floor. 
hilary- baha, that's funny. 
chris- they kicked me out and never gave me back my clothes. i'm pretty sure they still hate me until this day. 
hilary- you, my friend, are a savage!. 
bella- you sau savage. i say ...ick
chris- yeah... not my proudest moment. 
hilary- you are amazeballs. 
chris- no more question?
hilary- i think we should move onto more fun things. 
chris- what do you have in mind? 
|i felt like a crappy third wheel. seeing hilary gawing at chris was getting tiring. she was into him, an i...i'm not.| 
bella- i think i will go home now. 
hilary- but the party just started. 
chris- she's right don't you want to live a little? 
bella- i'm leving now. have fun with hilary. i'm going home. 
hilary- party pooper!
at bella's home 
bella- home sweet home. i hate being single. 
(bella thinking- i need a nap. should i change? i'd like to wear sexy pj's)
bella- ooh, la la. where the hell is my phone?. ahh!, found it. it's hilary. cant she at least let me sleep?. 
bella- hallo, hilary? what do you want? i'm trying to sleep.
hilarys phone- it's chris. 
bella- what? 
chris- sorry to bather you, but your friend is super drunk, and i'm not sure what to do with her. she lost her purse but luckily her phone was in her pocket. 
bella- of course.
chris- i didn't know who else to call. 
bella- oh.... can you find her keys?
chris- let me check. nope, nothing. 
bella- hmmm... i guess since there is no other choice, then you can bring her to my place. she can sleep with me. can you please do that?
chris- yeah, of course!
bella- i will text you my address. 
chris- thank you. 
bella- see you soon (thinking: he's on his way) i should changes. 

at the door in bella's house 
bella- coming!. come on in. where is she?
chris- she is in the car. she is kinda heavy. 
bella- too much for you, big boy? 
chris- can i tell you a secret? 
bella- tell me
chris- i'm glad your friend got drunk. i really wanted to see you. 
bella- what?
chris- i don't think i made a good impression on you. 
bella- what makes you think that? 
chris- i'm not sure. i was really vibing you, but i don't know about you. you basically ran away from me... 
bella- i thought you were into hilary. you wouldn't stop talking to her. 
chris- she was talking to me. you seemed upset the whole time. 
bella- i'm really sorry about that. my boyfriend dumped me, and i var really not in the mood, but it's hilary's twentyone birthday today so i felt bad. it was supposed to be her big day. 
chris- i understand... i'm sorry about that, but it's her's loss. 
bella- how do you know?
chris- i can tell you're amazing. 
bella- you're right. i am. 
chris- i don't know what's wrong with me. there is something about you that makes me want to kiss you. 
bella- kiss me. 
|it all happened so fast. and i liked it. i didn't usually do things like this. he didn't stop. and i didn't want him to. |
is this love?, what will hilary think? what even happened to her?
find out tomorrow at my blogg........... to be continued!   


lyst til å se denne?

I går hadde jeg en rolig og avslappet dag. Jeg bestemte meg for å se en filmsjanger, jeg ikke pleier å se alene. Når jeg skal se noe alene, så pleier det som reger å være romantiske filmer. Men ikke denne gangen.
Dette heter filmen:

Hva handler den om?: 
Den amerikanske fotballspilleren Joe er på toppen av sin karriere, og lever livets glade dager. En dag blir tilværelsen snudd på hodet, da han finner ut at han har en datter på 8 år. 

Hva syntes jeg om denne filmen?: 
Jeg som ikke pleier å se sånne filmer alene, syntes denne var helt fantastisk. Det er mye glede og humor i denne filmen, da man får se hvordan han løser utfordringene i filmen. Selvfølgelig er jeg en følelsesmenneske, og gråt også i denne filme. Det er en film jeg kommer til å se igjen, og jeg digger hovedrollen i denne filmen. Den er anbefalt fra meg!. 

Bilder fra filmen: 

Dwayne johnson er også med i denne filmen, og han pleier å spille veldig mange morsome karrakterer. han har også vært med i andre filmer som for eksempel 
Baywatch, San andreas, hercules, fast and furious(alle filmene), journey 1 og 2 osv. 

Håper dere også vil se denne filmen og eventuelet disse andre filmene som han er med i. Du kommer ikke til å angre, og jeg lover at du kommer til å le. 

hva syntes dere om filmen?| noen filmer dere vil anbefale? 

samatha young - i dublin street

Denne boken leste jeg på en dag, og kommer til å være en av mine favoritter. Siden jeg likte den så godt, så har jeg lyst til å dele den med dere. 

Det jeg syntes om denne boken: 
Den passer boksjangeren min perfekt. Den handler om tragedie, kjærlighet, drama og er erotisk. Jeg klarte ikke å legge boken fra meg, og leste den ut på 2 dager. Så det sier veldig mye, hvor bra jeg syntes boken var. Jeg kjøpte den som E-bok, og leste den på ark appen. For de som ikke har prøvd E-bok, så fungerer det også veldig bra. Jeg foretrekker som regel å ha boken i hånden. Men hva er vell ikke bedre enn å prøve noe nytt. 

Hva står skrevet om boken:
Jocelyn Butler has been hiding from her past for years. But all her secrets are about to be laid bare?
Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. Her solitary life is working well?until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core.
Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, and he?s determined to get Jocelyn into his bed. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached.
But after an intrigued Jocelyn accepts, she realizes that Braden won?t be satisfied with just mind-blowing passion. The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her? down to the very soul.

Avsnitt i denne boken: 
"jeg trakk inn pusten. skyldfølelsen flommet nok en gang over meg. - jeg ønsker ikke å være noe for noen, hun trenger noen til å være der for henne, men jeg gav henne ingenting. jeg vet ikke engang hva som skjedde med henne etter at jeg forlot hjemmet. fylt av anger ristet jeg på hodet og sukket. - jeg gikk på et par fester i løpet av året jeg bodde der, men ikke mange." 
"i det ene øyeblikket hevder jeg urokkelig at jeg ikke vil være sammen med ham, men så for han blir sammen med en annen jente, så friker jeg totalt ut. Faktum er at ingenting har endret seg, bortsett fra at nå vil jeg ikke være sammen med ham, fordi han åpenbart ikke elsker meg like høyt som jeg elsker han. For Braden har det alltid handlet om spenning som kommer ved å jage etter en kvinne." 
"vi satt i en evighet og stirret inn i hverandres øyne, uten å si et eneste ord. da det var åpenbart, iallefall for de voksene rundt bordet, at jeg hadde stengt meg inne på badet for å få utløp for et angstanfall, forventet jeg at braden skulle stille meg et hav av spørsmål. alle lurte nok på hva som foregikk, og jeg var ikke videre begeistret for tanken å gå tilbake til spisebordet."

Litt om henne: 

Samantha young is a new york times, usa today and wall street journal bestselling author from central scotland. she is been nominated for the goodreads choice award 2012, for best author and best romance for her international bestseller "on dublin street, best romance 2014 for before jamaica lane, and best romance 2015, for has sold in thirty countries. Hun har også skrevet down london road, fall for india place, the one real thing, before jamaica lane, hero, castel hill osv. 

Har dere lest noen av bokene hennes? | Noen dere kan anbefale?| har dere lest i dublin street?|


linnea myhre - kjære

Til alle dere blogglesere. I det siste har jeg vært en lesehest. Jeg har nå lyst til å dele de bøkene jeg leser til dere. Altså jeg har planlagt å ha en bokblogg. Den første boken jeg vil snakke med dere om er nemlig boken fra linnea myhre. Der hun skriver brev til mange mennesker og bedrifter, om ting som har plaget henne. Hun har nemlig spiseforstyrrelser å skriver om dette i denne boken. 

Det jeg syntes om denne boken:
Jeg syntes boken var veldig fin å lese. Den er lett å lese. Det er en følsom bok, og en tankevekker om hvordan det er å ha spiseforstyrrelser. Hvordan de tenker er aldri godt å vite, og denne boken gir meg et innblikk om det. 

avsnitt i denne boken: 
"jeg liker at dere har plast rundt bladet, forresten. det var den eneste grunnen til at jeg lot dere publisere de verste bildene inni bladet, mot at dere bruker det eneste jeg kunne leve med på forsiden. jeg visste jo at det ikke var noen som kom til å se resten, siden det aldri var noen som kjøpte de jævla drittbladet ditt" 
"men jeg ble ikke sur. jeg ble bare lei meg. lei meg for at dere bruker meg i et forsøk på å skaffe dere oppmerksomhet, lei meg for at jeg ble avbildet som en hore i en kalender, som ble hengende på fellesrommet til broren min i millitæret."
"ingen kommer til å lese dette. Aldri. Så i stedet for å skrive, tenkte jeg på meg selv og kroppen min. Og litt på pappa. Jeg har begynt på et brev til ham, men jeg vet liksom ikke hva jeg skal si. Tenk om han blir lei seg. Det har jeg ikke noe lyst til. Jeg har mye heller lyst til bare å være tynn.

Hva står skrevet bak boken?: 
Det er lite som kjennes bedre enn å få bekreftelse på at man ser bra ut, at man er likt. Men hva når de andres granskende blikk tar overhånd?. I et tjueltalls brev, til venner og familie, redaktører og bedrifter, beskriver linnea myhre hvordan det er å kontinuerlig bli påminnet om å spise riktig, holde seg slank, trene, være sunn. "jeg gruer meg til jeg får barn", skriver hun. Men gjennom brevene oppstår en annen fortelling. For Linnea har levd med spiseforrstyrelser sidenn hun var 15, og i 2012 var kroppen hennes nær kollaps. hvordan plukker man opp livet sitt igjen etter å ha vært næs ved å miste alt?
kjære er en soman om kontroll, det er en roman om å spise på restaurant, om å skrive sitt eget selvmordsbrev, om å tilbrede taco, om å få seg kjæreste, om å slippe inn og slippe til, og til slutt, om å kunne betrakte seg selv med sitt eget blikk. 

Litt om henne: 

Linnéa Myhre ble i 2012 hedret med Tabuprisen av Rådet for psykisk helse. Prisen fikk hun på grunn av sin ærlighet og åpenhet om sin angst, spiseforstyrrelse og sårbarhet. Med sin tidligere blogg Alt du vet er feil ble hun kåret til årets beste blogger i 2011 og serien La Linnéa leve som gikk på NRK P3s nett-tv fikk pris for beste nett-tv-serie i 2012. 

Linnea myhre har også skrevet boken som heter evig søndag og hver gang du forlater meg

har dere lest denne boken? | Hva syntes dere om den? 

Det første møte med "mine" små.

Som dere sikkert vet, så elsker jeg skilpadder. Drømmen min er å eie en ekte skilpadde, men først må jeg flytte ut. På søndag så var i sverige, og selvfølgelig måtte jeg innom dyrebutikken. Det pleier nesten aldri å være skilpadder der, men det var det nå. Jeg ble helt forelsket i de to skilpaddene. Den ene sov, mens den andre spiste salaten sin. De var kjempe søte. Jeg hadde kjempe lyst til å ta med meg en av de hjem, men det kunne jeg ikke. ikke enda vertfall. Imens får jeg nøye meg med å se på de. Det som egentlig er litt rart, er at jeg har sett skilpadder på bilder, men aldri i virkeligheten. Derfor er det litt rart at jeg liker skilpadder også, men det går jo ikke ann å ikke like skilpadde. De er jo noen sjarmerende skapninger. Når jeg var på dyrebutikken å så disse skapningene, vurderte jeg å gå til damen, og spørre om jeg kunne holde en. Men jeg ville ikke forstyrre henne med det, eller jeg turte ikke. Jeg fikk heldigvis tatt bilde av disse små søte. 

en gang i fremtiden kommer jeg til å få meg en skilpadde, men før den til, så lurte jeg på om dere hadde tips til noen kule skilpaddenavn?. pappaen min hadde en skilpadde en gang, men den rømte, siden den delte buret sitt med en kanin. Kaninen lagde hull under gjerdet, så da smatt også skilpadden etter. Denne skilpadden het Nicoline. fin navn eller hva?. 
for dere som vet at skilpadder ikke er lov å ha i norge enda, så er det en gledelig nyhet å gi til dere. Fra 15. august 2017 er det lov med skilpadder i norge. WIIIIII, jeg gleder meg. 

hva skulle skilpadden het, hvis jeg hadde kjøpt meg en skilpadde på søndag?

Defqon 1. 2017

Da er dette året ferdig med fest og fyll på defqon. Det har vært en gøy periode, der jeg har blitt kjent med nye mennesker. Og opplevd ting, som jeg skal ta med meg videre i livet. Den Defqon helgen, er en helg jeg alltid gleder meg til, samtidig som jeg gruer meg. Siden i virkeligheten føler jeg meg svak, hvertfall når jeg skal snakke med noen. Når jeg blir nervøs, og skal møte nye mennesker, så begynner jeg alltid å le. Så de som kjenner meg godt nok, vet at når jeg møter nye mennesker, så blir jeg alltid nervøs, og begynner å le. Men er det ikke sånn med alle, at de må overvinne nervøsiteten. Hvis man ikke har en personlighet man må jobbe med, så er man ikke menneskelig. Men jeg fikk møte nye mennesker den helgen. Tror de jeg er rar?, ja, for faen. Bryr jeg meg?, NEI. Her er noen bilder av oppholdet.

Selvfølgelig var det dritgøy å være med i år også


frontliner - to the tribe

i går så var jeg på et hardstyle aransjemang. Dette var i Amsterdam, bare 20 min unna. Så vi trengte ikke å bruke penger til noe taxi. Når vi kom frem tok vi oss en øl på en bar, mens vi ventet på at dørene skulle åpne. Vi var noen av de første som kom inn. Og det var magisk der. Skal sies at når jeg var der, tenkte jeg bare på å ta bilder, men jeg fikk bare tatt 1. Pga at jeg skulle dele ut kort for kjæresten min og kompisen hans. Siden de prøver å få flere fans. Så da delte vi ut, eller kastet ut i publikum. Jeg til å med klarte å treffe en man i hodet, med et av kortene. Morsomt for meg, stakkars han. 

Håper alle hadde det fint i går, for det hadde vertfall jeg. 


Tortur museumet

Når man er der, kan man ikke fatte at det har vært sånn/er sånn. Når jeg gikk gjennom gangene, der jeg så mange bilder på veggen , og apparater rundt, hadde jeg ikke ord. Jeg fikk vondt i kroppen. Og det var ikke gøy i det hele tatt. Men spennende å oppleve dette museumet. Tror det er første og siste gang. Når vi snakket om av vi skulle ditt. Tenke jeg det museumet som, torturing av sex. Så jeg og kjæresten min tulla, med at vi skulle prøve å få inspirasjon. Men det var ikke der, jeg hadde aldri gjort noe med han, som det var beskrevet der inne. Det var en sånn ting der inne. Som jentene måtte ha på seg, hver gang mennene dro en tur. Denne tingen måtte de ha på seg, sånn at mennene viste at de ikke var utro, eller at noen skulle ta kvinnene fra de. Tenk så fært om min kjæreste skulle gjøre det på meg? 

Her er noen av bildene, som dere kan se er det ikke så veldig hyggelig. Anbefaler uansett alle til å dra å se. 


Dagens båttur

Kommet tilbake til hotellet etter en fin båttur. Vi var rundt litt av Amsterdam, på en omvisning med alkohol. Så nå er vi kjempe slitne etter en dag med masse alkohol, og litt historie. Kvelden vet jeg ikke hvordan blir enda. Så vi får bare vente å se

Hva har dere gjort i dag?



Da har vi kommet til hotellet vårt som ligger mitt i red light district. Er litt funny å tenke på at vi ligger på et sted, som flesteparten ikke vil være, eller et sted de syntes er kleint. Som alle jenter, alene på tur med gutter sier, så lenge jeg har en seng å ligge i , går det bra for meg. Her er noen bilder av dagens opphold. Håper dere likt innlegget, så skal jeg prøve å oppdatere dere. 

Håper dere liker bildene, så kommer det fler i løpet av dagen. 


Da er jeg på vei til Nederland/Amsterdam. Siden jeg er klomsete og sliten, så klarer jeg alt mulig. Glemte å kjøpe togbilletter, så var kjempe nervøs for å bli tatt. Så viste det seg at jeg kunne kjøpe billett på toget. Så var vi på flyplassen. Skulle sjekke inn bagasjen, og selvfølgelig skulle vi gjøre det selv. Jeg som er så dum, tenkte ikke noe over at det var en knapp, jeg måtte trykke på for å skanne kofferten. Jeg måtte få hjelp av gutta. Så da fikk jeg gjort det også, skulle vi sjekke oss inn. Så trøtt som jeg er,  hørte jeg ikke at en dame skulle forbi meg, før etter at hun kom helt opp i ansiktet mitt, og så unnskyld meg. Sånn skjer når Marte er super duper trøtt. Så gikk vi gjennom taxfreen. Der måtte jeg selvfølgelig kjøpe meg en øyenbrynspen, siden jeg hadde selvfølgelig glemt min hjemme. Nå står jeg på flyplassen i Amsterdam, og venter på bagasjen. Gleder meg så til å komme på hotellet og legge fra meg kofferten. 


Hva hører jeg på?

Siden jeg snart drar til Amsterdam, og  Sitter på flyet i noen timer, og dra på festival der. tenkte jeg å gi dere en spilleliste, som jeg hører på hele tiden, og som jeg garantert kommer til å høre på helt til jeg er inne på festivalen. Hvis jeg ikke tror feil, så kommer vi til å drikke mye alkohol med denne musikken også. Jeg har ikke alltid likt denne musikken. Men for noen år siden begynte jeg å høre på det. Så det er egentlig aldri for sent å starte. Kanskje du liker spillelisten også. 

Wake up - brennan heart, the prophet 

Risen again - forever lost, anklebreaker 

Follow the sound - James stefano, forever lost 

Caramba(radio edit) - the prophet

Scar ur face(original mix) - the prophet, headhunters

Loud - frontliner, John harris 

Wodka - da tweekas

Wknd - max enforcer, frontliner

Zombies - audiotricz, devin wild 

Beyond - John harris, forever lost, awaken 

Colors - headhunters 

Lost in paradise - max enforcer 

Håper dere liker de, og at dere kan dele noen av sangene dere hører på til meg. 


Instagram lately

hei alle bloggere og følgere. Nå er klokken snart 12 og jeg sitter hos min mamma og blogger for dere. Det er lenge siden jeg har oppdatert angående Instagram. Det har skjedd mye den siste tiden, og jeg har vært på dna, der hvor kjæresten og kompisen han har spilt. Jeg har vært på kjæreste tur som dere vet, og her er også noen av bildene fra turen. Jeg har hatt overnattingbesøk av min beste venninne Malin, som jeg egentlig ikke har skrevet på bloggen. Men det innehold, godis, spilling, ansiktsmaske og film. Pluss at vi danset som noen gale elefanter etter at vi hadde fått i oss masse var også litt sunne med grønnsaker og dipp. Og campet i stuen med sovepose. Så var det gårsdagens bildet med meg og min venninne Tina . Alltid koselig med litt sosialt også, med en fest på Mysen. Der jeg traff en gutt som sa at jeg ikke skulle gi opp drømmen min med å flytte ut. Og takk for hjelpen gutt. Det skal jeg ikke gjøre. Det har vært noen fine minner med gode venner og kjæreste. Følg meg på Instagram hvis du vil. Oppdaterer så fort jeg legger ut noen nye bilder. Hva heter dere på Instagram? 

Jeg heter foresten martemase96 på Instagram.

Kunne flyttet ditt.

Nå er det akkurat en uke siden jeg og min flotte kjæreste kom hvem fra syden, eller rettere sagt gran Canaria. Det var en utrolig flott tur. Vi hadde mange dager med mye latter og glede. I tillegg til at vi kunne slappet av litt. Noe som var veldig deilig. I dag var min første jobbdag. Og jeg merker at det var veldig hard og starte igjen, men sånn er det vell med alle, når det gjelder å komme tilbake på jobb . For min del så kunne jeg flyttet til et varmere strøk, og levd livet litt. Jeg personlig vil heller være kjempe brun hele året og glemme litt av den kalde Norge. Men sånn er det vell å være norsk i sitt eget land. Jeg og kjæresten min fant ut at vi kanskje skulle gjøre det neste år også. Så det blir spennende å se hva som skjer, jeg har hvertfall lagt litt planer for meg selv, og kanskje det blir en venninnetur også, til et tropisk land. Jeg skal hvertfall tilbake til et av de varme landene. 

om litt over 3 uker drar jeg til Nederland, så ferien min er ikke helt over. Nå får jeg egentlig bare glede meg til Det. Håper dere har hatt en bra dag og at dere har kost dere, selvom været har vært litt trist i dag. 

Derfor feiret jeg 17.mai i utlandet!

hei alle flotte lesere på bloggen min. Som dere sikkert vet så er jeg i utlandet med min kjæreste. Men dere har aldri fått høre grunnen til at jeg valgte den uken som 17.mai var. Som alle andre som poster hvor fint og flott denne dagen er, så er ikke jeg der. Jeg har opplevd situasjoner der venner blir sinte på hverandre, fordi de ikke skriver gratulerer til hverandre på face. Jeg har opplevd venner blitt sjalu fordi du ikke har med de på fester osv. Jeg syntes denne dagen egentlig er pes. Man må stå opp tidlig for å ta på seg bunaden, som kanskje er skikkelig varm og ha på seg. Man må se på toget. Og man er med familien og venner. Det alle ikke skjønner er at, når man har en stor familie, så er ikke det valget om hvor man skal feire 17. Mai like enkelt. Eller hvem man skal feire den med. I fjord vasket jeg et helt hus på 17.mai , pga at jeg hadde hatt hjemmefest dagen før, så da ble ikke det noe ordentlig feiring heller. Så kjæresten min og jeg bestemte oss for å lage pizza og se på en film den dagen. det er sikkert kjempe koselig når jeg får barn en gang. Men før jeg tenker tanken på det, så skal jeg leve livet mitt, sånn som jeg vil, og siden mange andre syntes det er tåpelig at jeg flykter fra Norge når 17.mai nærmer seg, så syntes jeg det bare er digg med en drink i hånden, mens jeg ligger på en solseng, ved et basseng på gran Canaria. Lenge leve egne valg og voksenlivet. 

Vi blogges videre senere, nå skal jeg nyte resten av denne deilige ferien mens jeg kan. Med min flotte kjæreste. 

første reisen.

Jeg husker når jeg var mindre, at jeg alltid ønsket å dra på kjærestetur.  Der man bare kunne tenke på forholdet og utelukke alt annet. Ligge på stranda med øl eller cider i hånden og få et kyss på skinnet av kjæresten sin.  Jeg har alltid fått høre av venner og kjente at det er koselig å gjøre. Å gjett hva ?. Nå er det akkurat min drøm som går i oppfyllelse. For noen måneder siden satt kjæresten min og jeg oss ned for å bestille tur. Jeg husker det, som om det var i går. Det som er rart, er at tiden går så fort, så i dag er dagen vi skal dra på ferie sammen. Om bare noen få timer skal jeg hente han hjemme hos han, og om noen timer sitter vi på flyet på vei til gran canaria. Det tar mange timer å dra ditt, så vi er ikke i gran canaria før 12 på natta. Men uansett så får vi hatt litt kjærestetid sammen. 

Det som er litt rart er at det er først gang for oss begge. Ingen av oss har vært på kjærestetur før.  Jeg har en følelse på at det kommer til å bli kjempe koselig, og vi har snakket om det mye den siste tiden. Vi gleder oss masse. Det som er anderledes nå, er at nå har du ikke med  familie eller noen venninner . Som regel når du er med familien på tur, så kan man ikke dra på byen og feste, man kan ikke slippe seg løs men følge foreldrene over alt. Når man er med venninner, så handler det som regel om å sole seg, dra på fester og drikke seg full, shoppe masse klær osv.  jeg tenker at når man er med kjæresten på tur, så skal man tenke på hverandre, kanskje dra ut og spise, slappe av i solsengen med en cider eller en øl, rett og slett tilbringe tiden sammen og styrke forholdet. 

Når det gjelder pakking til avreise, så har jeg egentlig bare pakket med meg lette ting å ha på meg, som da er kjoler, skjørt, noen topper, bikini. før så pleide jeg å ta med meg shorts, men det har jeg ikke nå, siden klesstilen min har forandret seg mye siden sist jeg var på ferie, så nå skal jeg være mere jente på ferie, så kan kjæresten min ta over shortsstilen. men uansett så skal vi ha det bra, uansett hva vi har på oss.

Noen som har hvert i gran canaria før ? Ps. Siden vi ikke har reist enda, så er det bilder fra nettet. Stedet vi skal dra til heter playa de taurito i gran Canaria. Hotellet vi skal ligge på heter morgan princess and beach club.

Da livet startet med hardstyle

Jeg ble egentlig litt inspirert av facebook, da jeg leste et innlegg om et hardstyle events. Der de fortale om at man skulle spørre venner, og ta med seg de selvom de aldri hadde hørt på sangen før, siden det starter jo et sted. Så jeg tenke egenlig at dere skulle få lov til å høre min start som hardstyle lover. 

Det var for veldig lenge siden da jeg kanskje var 15 ish. Jeg var en nærd på den tiden, og spilte dataspill.  Og som dere vet, så er det ganske sosialt hvis man tenker over det, selvom det bare er en skjerm som man spiller på. Hverfall ble jeg kjent med en gutt som hørte bare på hardstyle musikk. og han shufflet også.  Hvis noen av dere ikke vet hva det er, så er det en type dans.  Hvertfall så spurte jeg han hva hardtylemusikk var, og han ble helt fra seg, siden jeg aldri hadde hørt om den musikken før. Han sende en link til meg på skype. Jeg åpnet linken og ble helt sjokket. siden jeg hadde aldri hørt så bra kikk noen sinne. Jeg var forelsket med en gang jeg hørte den hardstyle musikken. Etter den dagen, hørte jeg på techno musikk og hardstyle musikk. Jeg ble rett og slett en helt annen person. Jeg ble kjent med flere og flere etter hver som tiden viste. Og nå er jeg med i gruppen som digger hardstyle.

Det første arransjemange jeg var med på, må vell være hardcruise for 3år siden eller noe. Da jeg dro med meg en kompis for å bare ha med meg noen, og det  var en drit bra dag. da vi var på en båt som kjørte rundt oslofjorden. Tenk tanken liksom, hardstyle musikk, hardstyle mennekser, øl i hånden og båttur rundt oslofjorden.  Det kunne ikke blitt noe bedre 


Det andre arransjemanget jeg var med på, er dna for 2 år siden eller noe. Da jeg var med en venninne og kjæresten min for første gang på dna. Og det var helt himmelsk, Det var noe av det kuleste jeg har vært med på. Vi danset hele kvelden, og var nesten gjennomsvette når vi skulle dra. Å det jeg tenke om hele DNA var at jeg måtte bare gjøre det flere ganger.  Det tok litt tid tror jeg før Det ble flere, men året etterpå skjedde det noe stort, da skulle jeg nemlig få lov til å være med på nedelandtur med kjæresten og vennene hans til defqon. Å jeg husker hvordan det var å komme til nederland ,og tenke på  hvor kult det var. Det var en av mine store drømmer, som jeg kunne oppleve nå.  Det var like følelsesmessig som å være på dna for første gang. Du ble nesten drithappy med en gang. Jeg storkoste meg den helgen, selvom det var en ganske kald opplevelse, så var alltid smilet og  humøret der. Jeg husker også hvor kult det var å se så mange ligge i telt, og høre på så  mange foskjellige hardstylemusikker om gangen, man følte seg egentlig ut som verdens kuleste mennesket og man ville bare danse hele tiden, helt til kroppen ikke orket mer, noe som var veldig sjeldent. da vi skulle ta flyet tilbake til norge, var jeg så sliten, jeg hang med hodet på skulderen til kjæresten min , og ville bare sove hele livet.  Men energien var vært turen. 


Så etter den turen så hopet det seg opp enda mere arransjemanger, der til å med kjæresten min skulle være dj. Det var kjempe stas, og jeg husker hvor stolt jeg var over at han var min, Det var altså på dna i fjord, men jeg tror det kanskje var før vi dro til nederland, så ble det Sound of the harder stylez der også kjæresten min spilte. Og alleredre om 3 dager så skal jeg på enda et arransjemang som heter hardstyle DNA. Der jeg kanskje får backstage billetter pga at han skal spille. Noe som er et pluss for meg, men jeg må jo få lov til å gjøre alt for å se kjæresten min, og være der for å støtte han. om ikke så lenge skal jeg også tilbake til Defqon, noe som jeg gleder meg kjempe masse til. Hva er vell livet uten dans og spenning, og ikke minst hardstyle?, jeg tror hvertfall det hadde vært kjedelig.

Hvis dere også har veldig lyst til å dra på et sånt arransjemang, så syntes jeg dere skal ta dere en tur, men kanskje lurt å bestille billetter først. Gå inn på face, skriv inn hardstyledna 2017 på søkerfeltet.  bla litt nedover på siden, og trykk på der hvor det står "billetter er tilgjengelig - finn billetten" koster bare 500 kr. Og hvis du er den som tviler, så ikke gjør det lenger. Du kommer aldri til å angre. Det gjorde vertfall ikke jeg.  Til dere som allerede er en del av familien, la meg få vite det, og skriv en kommentar i feltet under.

instagram lately.

jeg liker så veldig godt å legge ut bildene mine på instagram, ikke bare på grunn av liks, men også på grunn av at jeg liker å dele ting jeg har gjort med andre mennekser. Det er også veldig enkelt å bruke, og man kan like hverandre sine bilder. også har det ikke noe å si om det er et rart bildet eller om det er et pent bildet, bare man får lagt ut noe.  Det er jo noen som har lagd egen bruker for tullete bilder, og en bruker for de pene bildene, men så langt har ikke jeg kommet enda. Tror jeg bare holder meg med en bruker av gangen. 

Følg meg gjerne på instagram : martemase96

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